Amy Cartwright

Favorite Independence Beer:
Stash IPA
A Favorite Non Indy Beer:
Green Flash IPA
I wish I could take a roadtrip with:
The Merry Pranksters
Album you will never find in my CD player:
glam metal from the '80s
Favorite Quote:
"We are the music makers, And we are the dreamers of dreams..." - O'Shaughnessy
If I'm not working I'm:
spending fun-filled family days with Rob and our two beautiful little girls
Favorite food/beer pairing:
chocolate cake/gelato/ice cream with Convict Hill Stout
Independence is:
a way of living

Little did Amy Cartwright know that taking a job at the Bitter End Brewpub in 1996 to pay her way through the University of Texas Austin would lead to a lifelong pursuit for the perfect IPA, and an obsession with craft beer in general. While enjoying a killer American Pale Ale brewed by her husband, Rob, Amy decided to dedicate herself to a more worthy endeavor: craft beer! It was then that the idea for Independence Brewing Co. was born.

Years of research, planning, and fundraising culminated in October 2004 when Independence opened its warehouse doors in South Austin. Amy’s passion for brewing hand-crafted ales for Texas comes through in every batch, every keg, every bottle and can of beer that Independence brews.