Rhett Wright

Favorite Independence Beer:
Stash IPA
A Favorite Non Indy Beer:
Yellow Rose by Lone Pint
I wish I could take a roadtrip with:
Will Ferrell
Album you will never find in my CD player:
Anything from Erasure
Favorite Quote:
"Do these balloons blow up into funny shapes and all? Well no... unless round is funny." - Raising Arizona
If I'm not working I'm:
Traveling and following Motorsport Racing
Favorite food/beer pairing:
Austin Amber steamed little neck clams with bacon and Ciabatta bread
Independence is:
Being separate from the "Norm." Great people making great beer in the state we love!

Rhett was fortunate to have had the opportunity to live in Germany during High School and most of his College years. Attending Bitburg High School on the USAF Base gave him the opportunity to become familiar with the German Purity Law “Reinheitsgebot” and Bitburger Pils. With the drinking age being 16, he was able to taste exceptional Pilsners and other styles of beer at some of the most prestigious breweries in the world. This experience made Rhett realize that he had to do something professionally within the beer industry.

After returning to the States, Rhett worked for a large beer distributor in Austin for 18 years, working his way up to Sales Dept. Manager. In this role, he continued to learn about all types of beer and developed a passion for craft beer, especially Stash IPA. Working for Independence Brewing was the next step for him. He loves being able to work with some of the best craft beer brewed in Texas and focus solely on the Independence family of beers.