Rob Cartwright

Favorite Independence Beer:
Power & Light
I wish I could take a roadtrip with:
In my younger years, Hunter S. Thompson
Album you will never find in my CD player:
If I'm not working I'm:
Working in the garden
Favorite food/beer pairing:
Power & Light with pizza or Mexican food
Independence is:
A state of mind

Rob Cartwright brewed his first batch of beer at age 14 in Victoria, British Columbia with his mom, Marilyn. Along with brewing beer, his mom taught him how to make wine, bread, jam, and brew a mean cup of tea – the English essentials.

After moving to Austin to attend the University of Texas, Rob and his friends chipped in for a basic homebrew kit. It wasn’t long before Rob knew he really wanted to be a brewer. He switched from managerial accounting to philosophy, and got his first brewery job at the Copper Tank in 1994.

After years of brewing beer, Rob met Amy in 2000. He met a fellow dreamer and beer lover. Rob & Amy camped their way through Colorado, meeting brewery owners. They got married, and spent their honeymoon tasting beers in Salzburg and Munich. By 2003, they had a plan for a brewery.