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Redbud. THE beer you drink with your bud.

We set out to raise $45,000

To fund a service dog for a person in need. To reach this goal, this summer, we will donate a portion of the net proceeds generated from every Redbud and Cucumber Redbud sold through Labor Day to Service Dogs Inc., a nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the quality of life of persons living with disabilities through the training and provision of hearing and service dogs. 

We truly believe in Service Dogs Inc.’s mission and we’re proud to give Texans a refreshing way to support an important cause this summer. If we can help someone keep their independence, we’re living up to our name.

Fundraising Progress

We will also be hosting events, large and small throughout the state this summer which proceeds will go towards our fundraising goal. Make sure to follow our progress to attend an event near you!

Want to help us reach our goal? Donate here!

Upcoming Events: COMING SOON

Total Money Raised: